If 'Star Wars' Were Directed By Wes Anderson...

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Okay, film fans, you can officially now die happy, because thanks to the genius of Conan O'Brien we finally know exactly what "Star Wars" would look like if it were directed by Wes Anderson.

And it looks exactly as awesome as you might think.

Oh sure, on the surface you wouldn't expect that Wes Anderson's quirky style would really fit in with the world of Jedi and Death Stars and Wookiees. And you'd be absolutely correct.

But really, given the mediocrity of the last couple "Star Wars" films, it's safe to say that the franchise needs to take a new direction, and with Disney now in the process of preparing "Episode VII," now seems like the prefect time to think outside the box.

So check it out, courtesy of Team Coco. And get ready, because once you experience "Star Wars" Wes Anderson style, you'll never look at "Star Wars" the same again: