Iron Man or Coke Can? You Decide!

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Talk about misperceptions! All this time we thought Tony Stark wanted to save the world, but he'd actually just like to buy the world a Coke.

Seems the folks at Buzzfeed have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. records and turned up a secret subliminal message hidden by Iron Man until now: all of his suits correspond to a can of Coca-Cola.

Check out the graphic and try to deny this so-called "conspiracy theory," which is more like "conspiracy FACT." Yes they do have to include Pepsi to go along with Rhodey's Iron Patriot armor, but you get the point.

If you're keeping up with the comics at all then you know that as part of the new Marvel NOW! line of books they're giving Tony Stark a swanky new set of black and gold armor. While his new duds don't really share their look with a soda, they do look an awful lot like a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black.