Nymphographic: Exactly How Many Girls Has James Bond Sexed Up?

[caption id="attachment_153216" align="alignleft" width="300"] TinyMaster[/caption]

Okay, let's be blunt: James Bond has had himself some sex. He might not be at a Charlie Sheen-level of satyriasis, but the man has dipped his wick a fair number of times onscreen, making most men in the audience wish they could exude that level of erotic chutzpah.

How many times exactly has James Bond done the deed? Graphic designer Emma Price, a.k.a. Tiny Master, needed to scratch that itch (for knowledge) so she created a scintillatingly sinful infographic (via Buzzfeed) which charts how many times 007 has conquered the beast with two backs over his 22-film career.

Not counting his newest "Skyfall," Bond in his many outings has made sweet sweet love to 53 women for a grand total of 75 implied sexual encounters, most of them 9s or 10s, easily. If you think that number seems low, just remember that only covers about 50 hours over the course of fifty years.

To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, "The boots were made for knockin'."

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