Harrison Ford Is Open To a Little More Han Solo

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When news broke last week that Disney is buying Lucasfilm and will be putting out a third "Star Wars" trilogy, reaction was mixed. And a big reason for that mixed reaction was the fact that fans were sure at least one original cast member wouldn't have anything to do with a return to "Star Wars:" Harrison Ford, who has long been dismissive of the role of Han Solo.

Well, if the news that there would be a new "Star Wars" trilogy wasn't shock enough, here's something that will really blow your mind: According to Entertainment Weekly, Ford is actually on board with reprising his role as Han Solo and is considering a return for "Episode VII." Holy smokes.

In fact, the entire gang is apparently excited about the possibility of reuniting a full three decades after 1983's "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi." Speaking anonymously, one "highly placed source" told EW that "Harrison is open to the idea of doing the movie and he’s upbeat about it, all three of them are."

Of course, the fact that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are down with a return to a galaxy far, far away isn't a huge surprise; while they have both carved out interesting and successful careers, "Star Wars" remains the pinnacle for both of them. Ford, on the other hand, followed up "Star Wars" by becoming the biggest movie star in the world and has often spoken about how he felt that Han Solo was a flat, one dimensional character who should have died in "Return of the Jedi" to give the movie the kind of emotional weight a bunch of dancing ewoks couldn't.

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Which explains why rumor has it that Ford's potential return to the "Star Wars" franchise may come with a caveat, namely that Solo finally die on screen the way Ford had intended all along. In fact, Han Solo's death was even included in the original script for "Return of the Jedi," but George Lucas changed it to ensure continued action figure and toy sales, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about his decision to sell out to Disney.

Harrison Ford. Han Solo. We never thought in a billion years that we'd be saying those names together again, but it looks like The Force moves in mysterious ways — and so does Disney. We can't wait.

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