It's Brad Pitt Vs. Zombies in First Footage from 'World War Z'

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It seems that after months of one production disaster after another internal challenges, the powers-that-be behind the upcoming zombie flick "World War Z" have finally gotten their act together and teed up a first look. Kinda. At least, we think it's coming soon. In the meantime, however, IndieWire has provided us with a tiny peek into that promised footage—and it doesn't disappoint.

You've got Brad Pitt. You've got a massive army of zombies. 'Nuff said. Okay, maybe we could say a little more… but that's pretty much all its got going on. There's a (shocked) Brad Pitt declaring, "You want me to leave my family!" Well, yes, Brad, they do. Because in case you forgot, there's a zombie apocalypse going on and you need to save the world.

There's a fearful wife (Mireille Enos) who suspects sending her husband to fight an army of the undead might not be the best idea. And then there's Brad Pitt running. A lot. Most of the time he just seems to be running away from the zombies, who are sometimes running themselves and sometimes just sort of falling down the stairs toward him. But it's Brad Pitt. So we'll forgive him. Check it out, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, to see if you do too.