Brad Pitt Wants You to Enjoy His Bed

[caption id="attachment_153073" align="alignleft" width="300"] Pollaro Custom Furniture[/caption]

For many women (and some men) it has been a lifelong fantasy: Getting into Brad Pitt's bed.

Well, don't look now, but dreams sometimes do come true, as beginning later this month, everyone is going to have the chance to spend as many nights as they want in Brad Pitt's bed — and Angelina Jolie doesn't mind one bit.

Sound crazy? Well, maybe it is a little bit, because according to a new interview in Architectural Digest, Pitt is about to embark on a new career as a furniture designer. And boy, does he have just the right bed for you.

"I've been doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I first discovered [Charles Rennie] Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright," Pitt explains. "Actually, I found Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life."

Of course, that change to Pitt's life wasn't immediately evident in his on-screen performances, but finding Mr. Wright did eventually lead to a new collaboration with noted furniture designer Frank Pollaro, whose studio will be unveiling Pitt's line of upscale furnishings beginning on Nov. 13.

And the centerpiece of the collection? According to the report, it's "an Art Deco ocean liner of a bed, featuring a lustrous tropical-hardwood frame that extends from its gently curved headboard, along the floor, to a graceful arc that ends in a cantilevered bench capable of seating, one imagines, the entire Jolie-Pitt clan. Refinements include exposed nickel trusses to support the king-size mattress, integrated shagreen foot pads, and nickel side tables with silk-under-glass tops that seem more suited for cocktails than alarm clocks. It took Pollaro and his team more than two years to make the piece."

Pitt is philosophical about his limited edition bed, which will have only nine copies produced. "It started with my introduction to Mackintosh’s Glasgow rose, which is drawn with one continuous line," he says. "But for me there is something more grand at play, as if you could tell the story of one's life with a single line."

And if that line is "I'm Brad Pitt, get in my bed," we'd have to agree.