Trailer for 'Silent Night' Features One Bad Santa

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So, back in the 1984, there was this cult hit horror film called "Silent Night, Deadly Night," about a guy that dresses up like Santa and murders people on Christmas. That was nearly 30 years ago, which, by Hollywood standards means it's way overdue for a remake.

Well, if that's what you put on your Christmas list, then you are in luck, because we've got the new trailer for "Silent Night" right here and that ain't coal in your stocking — it's a human head.

Of course, technically this isn't a remake but apparently a sequel of sorts, with some skeevy guy ominously telling the story of the first movie right in the middle of the trailer to make sure everyone gets the basic premise. Not that you'd think a guy dressed as Santa throwing axes and shoving people into wood chippers would need a lot of exposition, but better safe than sorry.

And since creep-meister Malcolm McDowell apparently stars as the good guy, one thing is for sure: Either way, this town is totally screwed.

"Silent Night" hits theaters on Nov. 30, but you can check out the trailer right here, courtesy of Apple Trailers. Merry Christmas?