You'll Want These 4 'Skyfall' Clips Shaken, Not Stirred

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It's been four long years since 007 did his thang in "Quantum of Solace," so, for the new film "Skyfall," James Bond is finally showing signs of physical fatigue. Only took him 23 movies!

This time Bond (Daniel Craig) has been knocked out of commission after sustaining an injury in the line of duty. Presumed dead, he's back in action after MI6 is attacked by a lethal former operative named Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). Famous characters such as Q and others we won't spoil for you make a welcome return in an installment that's already a global smash.

1. "That's my name, girl, word is bond."

2. In the extended cut of the film, James Bond goes back to the train tracks and finds his missing cuff link.

3. Dammit, Javier Bardem! Stop throwing trains at people!

4. Ooops! Naomie Harris is gonna have to call a Mulligan on that one.