Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara Are Feeling the 'Side Effects' of Stardom in New Trailer

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One of the side effects of being as hot as Channing Tatum is right now is that you start getting offered more film and more interesting films. Once you've proven you're a star, after all, people want to start working with you.

Case in point: The new trailer for "Side Effects," which lets Tatum flex his serious acting muscles as well as his serious muscle muscles.

Of course, Tatum did have a bit of an in with the director, having starred in Steven Soderbergh's surprise blockbuster hit "Magic Mike" earlier this summer. But as this gripping and tense new trailer shows, "Side Effects" is pretty darn far from male stripper hijinx.

And, of course, it boasts an all-star cast that includes Oscar nominee Jude Law, Oscar nominee Rooney Mara and Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones in a gripping story of doctor-patient confidentiality gone horribly awry.

Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo! Trailers. And get ready, because on Feb. 8, you're going to get a prescription level dose of Channing Tatum.