15 Things We Learned at 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Press Conference

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If you follow @NextMovie on Twitter, you know that we were there as the cast and crew of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" gathered at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on their final press tour for the "Twilight" series.

Or is it? There were some hints that the door is open for more "Twilight," so read on for information about that and other press-conference revelations surrounding the last "Twilight" film, which opens in theaters everywhere on November 16.

1. Kristen Stewart Got in Touch with Her Tough Side: It's no secret that Bella is a vampire in the final "Twilight" movie, and Kristen Stewart was biting at the chance to play rough. "[Kristen] was dying to play a vampire," says director Bill Condon. "She'd watch everyone before and say, 'I can do that better.'" Adds Stewart, "I played a well-rounded version of a vampire. It's just a more realized version of who [Bella] has been the entire time. I broke my thumb maybe the first or second day. I had been on the sidelines so long ... itching to do it."

2. "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Breaks the Ice About Imprinting with Humor: One of the most controversial elements of the book and movie is the idea that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) "imprints" (i.e. swears eternal allegiance to and develops a fixation for) Bella's baby, Renesmee. It's not meant to be sexual, but the concept is weird. "This is young adult fiction," says Condon. "It's not the world of Batman. It's got a different tone. It's an epic action movie with vampires, and at least some of them have to be funny." Says author Stephenie Meyer, "Taylor has some comedy in him. I'd like to see him do it again."

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3. Michael Sheen Scares Himself as Aro: "I creep myself out in this one — the insanity that's going on underneath," says Sheen. "[Aro] thinks of himself as a sentimental old fool who watches the young people have fun … and then kills them."

4. Michael Sheen Offers a Scientific Reason for Feeling More Handsome: "By osmosis, you feel like you are more attractive by being around all these attractive-looking young people," says Sheen about his experience playing Aro in the series.

5. How to Turn a Dumb Question into a Brilliant Answer: People scratched their heads when one junketeer asked Sheen to compare his Aro character with his portrayal of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which is like asking Charlize Theron to compare her "Monster" character with "Aeon Flux." Still, the witty actor responded, "Well, one is a self-delusional psychopath … and one is Aro."

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6. Surprise! The Ending of the Movie and the Book Are Different: There is a huge battle scene depicted between the Cullens and the Volturi at the end of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" that is evident in the trailer, so don't shout "spoiler" at us. You won't find the same details in the book, however. "I wouldn't call it an 'alternate ending,'" says Meyer. "It's off-screen in the novel. This is a way of making visual what other characters might have seen." Says Condon, "It was Stephenie Meyer's idea to change [the battle scene] at the end of the movie." He says he filmed the sequence on a white landscape because he envisioned the Cullens and Volturi as chess pieces moving across a board.

7. Stephenie Meyer Says Never Say Never About More "Twilight": "Permanence is a scary thing for me," says the "Twilight" author, who adds that she doesn't regret not getting inked ten years ago. "I'm not going to do [another book] today. I don't know how I am going to feel in five years."

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8. All Robert Pattinson Wants for Christmas Is a Strong Public-Perception Filter: "If I had a little bit more control over my public image, that would be nice," says Pattinson. "I'm getting parts that aren't vampires now. I hope people accept me in them."

9. Don't Call "Twilight" a Franchise Around Robert Pattinson: "A franchise is a Burger King or a Subway," says Pattinson.

10. Taylor Lautner Can't Remember Meeting Robert Pattinson: "I can't remember meeting him either," says Pattison. Okay, then — we guess the legion of girl fans see something in both of them that they certainly don't see in each other.

11. Bella Isn't into Possessions — Except for Those Rings: This is the reason cited by Kristen Stewart as to why she didn't take more souvenirs from the set.  "The rings are very important to me," says Stewart. "I love those things."

12. Stop Asking K.Stew What the Secret to "Twilight"'s Success Is: "I would just 'phenomenon' every day if I knew the equation!" says Stewart. She also might start a trend of using "phenomenon" as a verb.

13. Don't Bring Your Dog to the Set Around Robert Pattinson: "I quite like working with kids and animals," says Pattinson. "Put a dog in every scene, because you'll be better. And if you're not better, shoot the dog." Relax — he's kidding, folks.

14. Kristen Stewart Is Happy/Sad/Conflicted About "Twilight" Ending:  "I'm so happy that the story is told," says Stewart. "It's sad, it's strange, but things can't stay stagnant."

15. Don't Plan a Baby Shower for Kristen Stewart Just Yet: Although Bella has some tender scenes with Renesmee in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2," that doesn't necessarily mean that she is interested in exploring her maternal instincts offscreen. "I can't wait to be a mom … but I can wait," says Stewart.

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