Casting Roundup: Cusack, Seyfried and Ford Get the Gigs

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All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• John Cusack is a triple threat this week! In just the past few days he's scored roles in the legal drama "Due Process," the Stephen King adaptation "Cell" (Cusack's second King adventure, following "1408") and Roger Avary's "Duel"-type thriller, "Airspace."

• Hollywood loves it when a one-night stand leads to true love (and, often, a baby ... and not always in that order). Deadline reports that Amanda Seyfried and Patrick Dempsey will be playing unexpectedly expecting parents in "Wonderful Tonight," a romantic comedy that we hope gets a new title sooner rather than later (sorry, Mr. Clapton, but do you really need the extra money?).

• Harrison Ford and Zac Efron? We're so there, especially since their team-up is described as being kind of like "Cape Fear." The duo have signed on for Rob Reiner's thriller, "You Belong to Me," in which the bonding between a psychiatrist (Ford) and the brother of one of his patients who committed suicide (Efron) takes a sharp turn when the young buck starts seducing the doc's wife and daughter.

• A "Muppets" movie is always good for some pretty cute casting. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that "Inglourious Basterds" and "Water For Elephants" villain Christoph Waltz has joined the Europe-set "Muppets" sequel in the rather heroic role of an Interpol inspector.

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• We'd make a getaway — clean or otherwise — with Imogen Poots any day. Heat Vision says the "Fright Night" beauty will be joining Aaron Paul in "Need For Speed," the tricked-out thriller based on the popular series of racing video games that was probably greenlit because the "Fast and Furious" movies make a ton of bank.

• Now here's some "Genius" casting! Michael Fassbender and Colin Firth will be starring in the true-life drama that chronicles the relationship between author Thomas Wolfe (Fassbender) and renowned editor Max Perkins (Firth).

• The latest "Sin City" census reveals that both Jaime King and Jamie Chung are residents of Robert Rodriguez's "A Dame to Kill For," with King playing Wendy, the twin sister of her slain character Goldie from the first movie, and Chung replacing Devon Aoka as Deadly Little Miho. Now, who will be playing Ava Lord, the dastardly "Dame" in question?

• Now that the Red Skull has been blasted into outer space (or something), Steve Rogers needs himself a new nemesis. Variety brings word that Frank Grillo will be taking on the red, white and blue Avenger as the villainous Crossbones in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

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• Call it a "Panic Room" for the mid-19th century. Olivia Wilde, Hailee Steinfeld and Nicole Behaire have signed on to take a stand in "The Keeping Room," a Civil War-set drama in which three women must defend their home from an invasion by a group of Union Army deserters.

• Let it be, let it be ... Benedict Cumberbatch! The Playlist brings word that the "Sherlock" star and future "Star Trek" villain will be playing Brian Epstein, the manager of The Beatles, in a currently untitled biopic (how about "Brian"? or "Epstein"? or "Let It Be"?) to be produced by Tom Hanks.

• Hugo Weaving's digging the "everything is connected" kinds of movies lately — at least more than, say, "Transformers." The "Cloud Atlas" star will be joining Rose Byrne in "The Turning," a collection of 17 stories that revolve around turning points in the lives of the people of the Australian coastal town of Angelus.

• Vince Vaughn just wants you to know that he's still busier than you. The "Made" man is taking a break from comedy for the first time since "Domestic Disturbance" (2001) with "Triple Time," an action thriller about a U.S. marshal tasked with escorting a prisoner accused of an environmental disaster to Washington, D.C.

• He didn't exactly hang ten in "Chasing Mavericks," but that's not going to keep Gerard Butler from getting back on the board. Deadline reports that Butler will be sticking with land sports in "Dynamo," the true-life story of the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian team and their Nazi captors during World War II.

• Hopefully she won't be losing as much weight as Matthew McConaughey has. Deadline reports that "Elektra" beauty (and Ben Affleck spouse) Jennifer Garner is in talks to join the now super-skinny "Magic Mike" star in "Dallas Buyer's Club," the true-life drama about a man with AIDS who managed to live six years beyond expectation by smuggling illegal medicine into the U.S.

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