9 Movies Re-Imagined as 8-Bit Video Games

[caption id="attachment_152721" align="alignleft" width="300"]Scarface Old Red Jalopy[/caption]

Is there some 8-bit wizard out there who could make our arcade fantasies come true?

Alas, we've got a pocket full of quarters but only a handful of "What If?" game cartridges. We'd love to walk in the pixelated footsteps of Donnie Darko, get stuck in a loop on "Groundhog Day" and rule the blocky beaches of Miami with Tony Montana. And we will. In our 1-octet dreams.

Take a look at what's on our playlist below. Bonus points to Old Red Jalopy for these variations on this weekend's nostalgic video game saga (Sega?), "Wreck -It Ralph" and thank you to Joey Spiotto for the inspiration.

The Goonies

The Hangover

Donnie Darko

Boyz N the Hood

Groundhog Day



Easy Rider

Taxi Driver