Ryan Gosling Walks Out of 'Logan's Run'

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UPDATE: Development on a remake of "Logan's Run" has slowed to a crawl, and now it looks like lead actor Ryan Gosling has dropped the project.

Justin Kroll of Variety tweeted, "Rough news for those LOGAN'S RUN fans, I can confirm Ryan Gosling is no longer attached to the project."

With no lead, and no fewer than four directors adopting (and ditching) the movie, we have to wonder if the "Run" is coming to a permanent halt.


Hollywood's been dying to get the already-prolific Ryan Gosling in the seat of a major studio tentpole, most recently as the lead of the DC Comics adaptation of Green Lantern, but the young actor has stuck mainly to indie films.

Now the time has come, according to Deadline. Warner Bros. is pairing Gosling with "Driver" (an upcoming car chase flick) director Nicolas Winding Refn for a revamp of the 1976 sci-fi film "Logan's Run."

The studio behind "Harry Potter" and the Batman franchise has spent nearly a decade courting directors to helm the remake, which centers on Logan 5, a law enforcer of sorts who goes on the run from his society's mandatory death law.

Names like Bryan Singer and Carl Erik Rinsch (the commercial director originally slated for the "Alien" prequel) were all attached, eventually departing the project. Now, with a director, star and a supposedly fantastic script from writer Alex Garland ("Sunshine," "Never Let Me Go") the movie may finally star its race to the big screen.

Gosling has made a career of playing it straight and gripping audiences with emotion (see his raw performance in "Blue Valentine," or heck, "The Notebook," for recent evidence) and Refn has been making the low-budget equivalent to summer movies since he started. With a pitch perfect team and enthusiastic studio, this could be the big budget sci-fi epic with a brain movie-going audiences wish would grace their screens more often.

Originally published February 10, 2011.