Air New Zealand Goes Hobbit: One In-Flight Instruction Video to Rule Them All

[caption id="attachment_152715" align="alignleft" width="300"] Air New Zealand[/caption]

As if Kiwis weren't already synonymous with "Lord of the Rings," their national airline Air New Zealand is now declaring itself "Air Middle Earth" and has produced a flight briefing video for travelers about to embark on an unexpected journey.

To make sure that the nerdiest know-it-alls are paying attention to this presentation, instead of playing with their 20-sided die, flight crew in Gandalf, Legolas or elf drag guide you through the standard do's and don’t's of in-flight safety.

With plenty of humor, and cameos from the likes of Gollum and Sir Peter Jackson himself, this video would be enough fan service in anticipation of first "Hobbit" film's release in December, but that's just the tip of Mount Doom.

As seen in The Sun, apparently the tireless lads and lasses of Jackson's WETA Workshop have carved a terrifying 42-foot polystyrene Gollum and installed him right in the middle of Wellington Airport.

"Our only wish, to catch a fish, so juicy sweet!"