The Tweet Force Is Not Quite With Disney for 'Star Wars' Sequels

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Blame whoever you like, but "Star Wars: Episode VII" by way of Walt Disney is actually happening.

Yep, our space man George Lucas passed his light saber on to Mickey Mouse (for a hefty $4.05 billion, of course), and, come 2015, the force will bring an all-new, hopefully-not-pillaged-and-dismembered extension of "Star Wars" into being. "Befuddled and nervous we all are," as Yoda might say.

After getting past the stage of sheer disbelief and rampant head shake-age, we couldn't help but wonder: What exactly will happen when Tatooine and Space Mountain collide? Will Wookie and Beast become friends? Will Jasmine and Leia share tips for keeping a taut midriff? Actor Simon Pegg got just as philosophical about the news on his Twitter feed, writing, "Does this mean Leia is now a Disney princess?" 

Pegg, sensing the humor potential, then opened the floodgates of snark to fellow tweeters by concocting the hashtag #DisneyStarWars.

The Twitter world, per usual, did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite little gems.

@fading_aw4y - may the force be with pooh

@TheAndyRat - Grand Moff Tarkin after obliterating Alderaan: "It was a small world, after all."

@DaJurr - Wall-E as R2-D2.

@SimonPegg - Pinnochobiwankenobi

@amydale - Bambi Fett

@Antocalypse - Hold onto your hats, ladies: Captain Jack Solo!

@monicasomavilla - A long time ago, in a galaxy Jaffar, far away...

@ianrendall - Honey, I Blew Up the Death Star

@NickBaumann - Snow White and the 7 Droids

@daudig - It's a Parent Trap!

@jbouie - Alice in Wookieland

@Cybersig55 - My kids can't wait to watch "Jedi of Waverly Place"

@mkramer - When you wish upon a Death Star.

@h2deano8 - Top new song from The Little Mermaid is "Under the C-3PO"

@BadAstronomer - The Lady and the Wampa.

@TMI_Institute - Jar Jar Jiminy.

@sarashana - Cars 3: In Frozen CARbonite

@parkerpublicist - "The Emperor's New Groove" now has a whole new meaning to me.

@BryanMcManus - High School Naboosical

@monicasomavilla - There's a disturbance in the force. There are Wall-Ewoks everywhere.

@acecomicsfan - The Fox and The Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder

@aMrazing - Donald, I'm your father! - Duck Vader

@SebLefebvre - Beauty and the sith

Plus, um, there's this.

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