Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson Are 'Struck By Lightning' in New Trailer

[caption id="attachment_152661" align="alignleft" width="300"]Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson in "Struck By Lightning" Tribeca Film[/caption]

If there's anybody in Hollywood who knows just how crappy high school can be, it's Chris Colfer. After all, he's made a whole career out of playing high school students, what with his role as Kurt Hummel on Fox's smash hit TV show "Glee."

And now he's going back to school one more time in the new trailer for "Struck By Lightning," which proves that high school is crappy everywhere, even if you don't feel like singing about it.

Written by Colfer himself, "Struck By Lightning" tells the tale of an overachiever (that's Colfer, naturally) who is trying to get out of high school and into the college of his dreams. In order to impress the folks in admissions, he decides to create a literary journal with the help of ubiquitous comedy sidekick Rebel Wilson. One problem: Nobody will write anything for his magazine.

Luckily, he has a solution, which involves blackmailing the entire school into helping him. What follows is unexpected, both for the character and for Colfer fans. "Struck By Lightning" is set to hit theaters next summer, but you can get a look at the new trailer right now courtesy of YouTube.