'Quartet' Trailer Offers a High Brow 'Harry Potter' Reunion

[caption id="attachment_152499" align="alignleft" width="300"]Maggie Smith & Pauline Collins in 'Quartet' Weinstein Co.[/caption]

Dumbledore may be gone and Professor McGonagall may be retired, but the stars who played them on the big screen are still going strong, so if you have a hankering for a little old school "Harry Potter" reunion, then look no further than the brand new trailer for "Quartet."

Turns out there's still a little bit of magic left in the team of Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith after all.

So what is "Quartet" all about? Well, Smith plays a once-famous opera singer who retires to a facility for elderly musicians. There she meets Gambon, who is attempting to rally the retirees for one last big show in order to raise money to save their retirement home (and who, it must be said, shares a Dumbledorian penchant for wearing goofy hats).

It's only fitting that this tale about elderly artists getting a new creative lease on life marks the directorial debut of 75-year-old Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman. "Quartet" is set to arrive in theaters on Jan. 4, but you can take a look at it right now courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. And check out this acting wizardry one more time:

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