Halle Berry May Not Believe in a 'Cloud Atlas' Kind of Love

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Does Halle Berry really buy into the forever (and ever and ever) brand of love she and Tom Hanks are selling in "Cloud Atlas"? Sure doesn't sound like it.

Berry might seem to have it all: ageless beauty, one adorable daughter, an Oscar and a nice little engagement bauble from French actor Olivier Martinez. But, when it comes to affairs of the heart, she's just another girl (cue the "Notting Hill" references).

The twice-divorced beauty queen-turned-actress' most recent split — from model Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter Nahla — was made into quite a media spectacle indeed, and she still seems to be a little bitter about the harsh lessons life's dealt her in the romantic arena.

Berry and Hanks did an "Unscripted" interview with Moviefone recently, and for one question, she was asked whether she believes in the brand of eternal love her character has.

"I've had issues in this area, so I'm not quite sure what I believe," Berry said frankly. "This would be a better question for Tom. He's been married to the same woman [Rita Wilson] for googobs of years, and I'm sure he really understands this theory."

To avoid completely dismissing her current relationship with Martinez, Halle did slip in that she "thinks" she's found a down-to-earth sort of romance.