The Inevitable 'Madea' and 'Alex Cross'-Over Arises

[caption id="attachment_151096" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit[/caption]

Tyler Perry's first turn starring in a movie that was not his own (and for which he needed no fake boobs, white wig or tattered nightgown) didn't exactly pan out as he might have hoped. "Alex Cross" turned out to be both a box office and critical mess, and the likelihood of that "Double Cross" sequel ever happening grows slimmer and slimmer with every scathing review.

Bummer for him, sure, but the good news for us is that it provided ample fodder for a "Madea" mash-up like no other.

In this crossover trailer for "Tyler Perry's Alex Cross in Madea's The Family That Slays" from Buddy System, Tyler Perry as the good Alex Cross is on the hunt for Tyler Perry as his female counterpart Madea, who plays a little game of cat and mouse with the doctor and gets tricksy with her little witticisms like "God don't like you" and "Hellooorrrr?"

Cross is appropriately befuddled by the enigma of the "sick and twisted" he-she, and Madea's otherwise inexplicable use of chainsaws and handguns finally works. Madea as a serial killer? It all makes so much more sense now.