Supervillains Look Nerdy in Their Artist-Rendered High School Yearbook

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Remember back in high school, when you had yet to become a fully formed person but totally thought you were? It was your life, you could live it however you want, and shut up, mom!

Believe it or not, everyone went through the same "Indiana Jones and the Search for Personal Identity" adventure, even supervillains, which is why Buzzfeed has teamed up with wicked awesome artist GhostHause to recreate a facsimile of what Supervillains' High School Yearbook photos would look like.

While some of the paintings like Green Lantern foe Sinestro and Batman bad guy Two-Face seem to be inspired by their recent filmic counterparts, the rest are definitely drawn from their original, iconic comic book iterations. Don't worry, nerds, both DC and Marvel are represented.

You've got bat-breaker Bane as a buck-toothed ultra dork that even Robert Crumb would have picked on, prom king Venom, "Dungeons & Dragons" dweeb Loki, and Spider-Man nemesis Green Goblin trading his pumpkin bombs for a pumpkin bong. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Check out a few of the images here: