Jacob, Edward, Bella Advance to Twi-Fight Saga Tourney Round 2

[From MTV.com] The battle has only just begun! The first round of MTV's Twi-Fight Saga concluded Thursday (Oct. 25), with 32 of Stephenie Meyer's vampires, werewolves and humans succumbing to a forest-full of stiff competition.

Fan favorites and top seeds Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice easily moved on to the second round, as did the entire Cullen clan. But that isn't to say there weren't a few upsets along the way. Good truly triumphed over evil, as a trio of "Breaking Dawn" newbies (and Cullen allies) bested three of the saga's biggest bads. Peter narrowly beat James, Kate did in Laurent and Senna staked Victoria (ouch!).

As round two kicks off, there are a number of matchups you'll want to keep an eye on. It'll be Swan vs. Swan as #1 seed Bella takes on her mom, #8 seed Renee. Best friend Jacob will also face family (in a way) as he goes paw-to-paw with fellow Wolf Pack member Jared. And, finally, it will be a battle of the littlest vamps as half-human, half-vampire Renesmee takes on newborn bloodsucker Bree Tanner.

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