'The Exorcist' Recut as an '80s Sitcom

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In 1973, director William Friedkin terrorized global audiences with his squirm-inducing vision of demonic possession, "The Exoricst."

Father Damien Karras' battle with the evil spirit of Pazuzu now continues on the small screen, thanks to the editing wizardry of Film School Rejects, who have re-assembled "The Exorcist" as if it were a cheesifying 1980's sitcom.

Complete with laugh track, lame opening credit music, and Burger King ads, "The Exorcist (80s Sitcom Recut)" is a clever reversal on the trend of making family movies look evil (although the "Shining" trailer is still the king of recuts).

The idea of an exorcism comedy is actually not that bad in principal, and we sure do think Charlie Sheen could be tied to a bed and have holy water thrown at him.

(Also, did you know original star Linda Blair actually parodied "The Exorcist" herself along with Leslie Nielson in a 1990 farce called "Repossessed?")