Michelle Williams Finds 'Paradise' in Wild Nothing Video

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Why not spend the next five-or-so minutes traveling around the globe with Michelle Williams?

The "My Week with Marilyn" beauty makes the "dream pop" of Wild Nothing even dreamier by appearing in the the music video for their (actually "his," but we'll get to that in a second) new single, "Paradise." Michelle also recites from Iris Murdoch's "Word Child" at about two minutes in, which makes for some of the most beautiful-sounding Latin that you'll ever hear.

Wild Nothing is actually just Jack Tatum, who began recording as Wild Nothing in the summer of 2009. He got a lot of attention for his cover of Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting," which led to signing on with Captured Tracks ... which, apparently, then led to getting a three-time Oscar nominee to appear in his music video.

Fly the friendly yet melancholy skies with Wild Nothing and Michelle Williams below, and thanks to Vulture for the find.