It's Time to Meet Ryan Gosling the Mousketeer

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Roll Call: Ryan!

Before Ryan Gosling was breaking achy breaky hearts, he was singing "Achy Breaky Heart" ... a performance that helped him get into the Mickey Mouse Club.

Yes, the "Drive" star got his start as a Mousketeer, a gig that made him the pride of the Great White North for beating over 15,000 other contestants to become the only Canadian member of the beloved Disney troupe.

Gosling won the role in 1993, when we was a super-cute 12-year-old with big dreams of meeting both Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. Watch his interview on CTV's Canada AM below, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, and marvel at the fact that this sweet kid will one day grow up to play a guy who smashes a dude's head to a pulp with his steel-toed boots in an elevator.