'Save the Date' Trailer Features Plenty of Dating, Not Much Saving

[caption id="attachment_151624" align="alignleft" width="300"] IFC Films[/caption]Dear fans, you are cordially invited to come celebrate with Lizzy Caplan as the actress plays a woman who may or may not be embracing the bonds of holy matrimony. All questions regarding the event should be directed towards the maid of honor, Alison Brie.

Please "Save the Date."

Or at least check out the new trailer for the indie smash "Save the Date."

One of the breakout films at this year's Sundance Film Festival, "Save the Date" finally has some actual release dates for you to save, namely Nov. 8 for On Demand and Dec. 14 for its theatrical run.

And that's good news, because Caplan and Brie turn in two stellar performances as a pair of sisters dating members of the same rock band. When one of them breaks up with her beau, though, it sends shockwaves through both of their lives. You listening, Yoko?

Courtesy of Vulture, here's a look at the new trailer for "Save the Date."