Evan Rachel Wood and Juliette Lewis Hate on Amy Adams

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Settle in for this week's very exciting episode of "When Celebrities Bitch About Roles," featuring special guest stars Juliette Lewis and Evan Rachel Wood.

In today's episode, one-time Academy Award-nominee (1992) Lewis has learned that three-time Academy Award-nominee Amy Adams (2005, 2008, 2010) is up for the lead role in rock n' tragedy biopic "Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can," and she is none too pleased.

Lewis took her sense of injustice and general disharmony to Twitter, where she let her fans know just how she feels about the whole situation: "Ummm not to be biased but Amy Adams playing Janis Joplin? Can u think of someone who's a little more suited to play his role? I can. : )"

Her acolytes Tweeted back their support that the "Natural Born Killers" actress was a natural choice, especially given her recent hoarse-voiced musical output. One buddy seemed to be open to other possibilities, though: actress/former (Marilyn) Manson girl Evan Rachel Wood, who replied, "I can think of at least two people."

Lewis apparently approved of that message, responding, "I like your style woman. Like. Your. Style. Bam."

Wood, who sang her heart out to The Beatles in box-office disaster "Across the Universe" apparently wants a stab at desecrating another '60s musical icon, and was vocal to Nylon two years ago about her wish to take the part of the rough and tumble songstress ("Can I just claim that now please?" she told the magazine).

A YouTube vid of her belting out "Another Piece of My Heart" during a karaoke session went quasi-viral last year, but personally we think she should stick to the classics, like Justin Bieber.

As for Juliette Joplin… er, Lewis, a Facebook page named "Juliette Lewis to star as Janis Joplin , please" currently has 98 likes, while a Twitition for the same worthy cause currently has an overwhelming single signature.

Also, how do you hate on Amy Adams? The girl has shown she can sing and her plethora of awards nominations prove she's got the chops to take on a meaty role. Sure, she's mostly known for sunshine and singing to animated or puppet animals, but it's about time she took her pipes to a real rock show.

We love Juliette and Evan, but consider us on Team Amy.