The Not-So Family Friendly Green-Band Trailer for 'Movie 43'

[caption id="attachment_151481" align="alignleft" width="300"] Relativity[/caption]

Earlier this month we showed you the red-band trailer for raunchtastic comedy anthology "Movie 43," and although we love us some bare boobs and swear words you can now convince your mom to take you to see it courtesy of the brand-new green-band trailer from Relativity Media.

"Movie 43" features a star-studded cast getting their freak on in a variety of ridiculous short scenarios, including Richard Gear making some kind of iPod-like device for sex, real-life husband/wife combo Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts as unconventional home schooling parents, and Halle Berry pranking a blind kid on his birthday.

The movie harkens back to John Landis' classic '70s sketchfest "Kentucky Fried Movie," and even moreso his '80s follow-up "Amazon Women on the Moon," mostly because, like that one, all the segments are by different directors. The diverse list of helmers includes Peter Farrelly (as in The Farrelly Brothers), James Gunn of Marvel's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy," His un-holiness Brett Ratner, "Mr. Show" and "Breaking Bad" genius Bob Odenkirk, and Effie Trinket herself Elizabeth Banks.

With the new green-band trailer, you also get an extended look at Terrence Howard's hilarious inspirational speech to his all-black basketball team, as well as a scathing back-and-forth between Wonder Woman (Leslie Bibb) and an earless Batman (Jason Sudeikis). Oh, and did we mention Gerard Butler as a 3-foot garden gnome?

Finally, mad props for whoever edited this together for the way they cleverly insinuate the sexual activity Anna Faris suggests to her boyfriend.