'Alex Cross' Already Set for 'Double Cross'

[caption id="attachment_151096" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit[/caption]

Before "Alex Cross" arrives in theaters tomorrow, there's one thing we know for certain: Cross lives. In fact, we already know Tyler Perry survives to see a sequel.

Based on James Patterson's popular series, "Alex Cross" follows the battle between a Washington, D.C. psychologist/detective, played by Perry, and a sadistic killer (Matthew Fox).

According to Deadline, the sequel will follow Patterson's 13th book "Double Cross," which features the detective gearing up to face off with not one, but two killers. No word yet if Fox's baddie or director Rob Cohen will be around for a round two.

Perry took over the role of Alex Cross previously inhabited by Morgan Freeman in 1997's "Kiss the Girls" and 2001's "Along Came a Spider." This marks his first time not being involved in any of the writing, directing, or producing of his film. Instead, he's focusing solely on his acting … and thus attempting to follow in Freeman's career footsteps, perhaps?

Only time will tell.

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