Claire Danes Cries ... And Cries ... And Cries

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And the Academy Award for Best Crier goes to ... Claire Danes! She's already won pretty much every other award there is, so why not add this one to the mantel, right?

The "Me and Orson Welles" star has been wiping away her tears for nearly 20 years, ever since she first appeared on "My So Called Life" to today's Showtime hit, "Homeland." She may already be known for her top-notch acting abilities and killer fashion sense, but, thanks to "The Claire Danes Cry Face Project" tumblr, Danes is finally getting recognized for her noteworthy and many weeping skills.

See for yourself with this hilarious mash-up video from BuzzFeed, "Claire Danes Crying:A Supercut," in which the actress can be spotted with the floodgates wide open in some of her most famous roles including "Little Women," "Romeo + Juliet," and "The Family Stone."

Just don't forget the tissues!