Trailer: Ed Burns Wishes You a Holly, Jolly 'Fitzgerald Family Christmas'

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The holidays are fast approaching and there's no surer sign of that than the brand new trailer we've got for you right here, Ed Burns' "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas."

Because the only thing better than spending Christmas with your family is spending it with someone else's even more messed up family.

Here's the deal: Written by, directed by and starring Burns, "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" tells the tale of an Irish-American clan gathering to celebrate the holidays as they do every year. But this year, there's one major difference: The estranged family patriarch, who walked out on them 20 years earlier, wants to come as well and try to patch things over with the good old fashioned Christmas spirit.

Co-starring "Friday Night Lights" star Connie Britton, "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" is set premiere On Demand on Nov. 21, hitting theaters on Dec. 7. Courtesy of the film's official website, here's a look at all the not-so-merry moments of "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas."

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