Trailer: Miley Cyrus Goes 'So Undercover'

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The brand new trailer for the upcoming Miley Cyrus cop comedy "So Undercover" is here and if you were wondering what to expect, here's your answer: The highlight is a joke about putting a cat in your ass.

Hey, they can't all be "The Last Song."

Not that this one doesn't have its charms, assuming you find formula genre hijinks charming. In "So Undercover," Cyrus plays a cop who, thanks to being so darn young looking, ends up posing as a college student "21 Jump Street" style to protect a key witness. Along the way, she's given a "Miss Congeniality" type makeover before engaging in a series of standard college comedy scenarios, from frat parties gone wild to madcap roommate misunderstandings.

If you're a big Cyrus fan, then you're in luck, because this movie has her in it. Otherwise, well, take a look at the new trailer courtesy of YouTube and see for yourself.

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