'Prometheus' Blu-ray Will Answer Questions, Promises Producer

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An in-depth look at the release of 'Prometheus' Blu-ray promised answers to the many mysteries of Ridley Scott's sort-of "Alien" prequel, as the Blu-ray's producer Charles De Lauzirika debuted his content-packed disc (including a 3+ hour doc titled "The Furious Gods") at a London event this week.

"For a film as complicated as this you have to try to capture everything you possibly can and figure it out later," said Lauzirika during his presentation, "but along the way you're starting to identify interesting story threads in terms of the making of the film. What are more problematic issues, what are more interesting abandoned ideas. I always love that part of it, when you see so much work put into things and those get put off to the side because they didn't organically mesh with things as they were developing."

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