Are the 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' Universes Entwined?

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Oh Marvel, what hath thou wrought? Now that their shared universe of superheroes has raked in mad cheddar at the global box office, everyone is clamoring to create their own shared movieverse, be it with DC Comics characters or Tom Clancy novels.

In another example of movie synergy, Collider is reporting that there is an aster Egg on the new "Prometheus" Bu-ray which ties the "Alien" prequel to Ridley Scott's other sci-fi masterpiece "Blade Runner," albeit pretty flimsily.

Amid the special features on the disc fans will find a letter supposedly written by "Prometheus" corporate figurehead Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) in which he clearly refers to his "mentor and long-departed competitor" which could only be Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel), CEO of the Tyrell Corporation in "Blade Runner"

Not-so-subtle hints include saying that the man ran his company "like a God on top of a pyramid overlooking a city of angels," that it "literally blew up in his face," and that his Replicants were "genetic abominations he enslaved and sold off-world." Yeah yeah, we get it already!

Fortunately this is nothing rock solid, merely a little piece of fan service to create buzz for the Blu-ray by making news outlets write speculative stories… WHOOPS!

We are actually in London right at the moment for 20th Century Fox's "Prometheus" Blu-ray release event, and even the Blu-ray's producer Charles De Lauzirika said "if it's in the film it's canon, if it's not it's not canon." There you go, speculation over.