'In Their Skin' Will Make Yours Crawl

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Ah, fall. Every year when the calendar flips to October, the leaves begin turning, the air gets that crispness to it and pumpkins appear on your neighbor's doorstep, letting you know that autumn has well and truly arrived. And with the fall comes one other annual tradition: The point each year when you realize once again that people are all apparently really, really creepy.

Trick or treat, new trailer for "In Their Skin."

Yes, just in time for Halloween comes the latest big screen fright fest, as Hollywood once again embraces the holiday spirit by releasing as many horror films as they possibly can over a one month period. In fact, the field is so crowded this year that "In Their Skin" won't actually arrive until November 9, right about the time that stash of candy corn becomes stale enough to crack your teeth.

But the trailer is here on time at least and it's a pretty creepy if run of the mill affair: Selma Blair and Joshua Close play a couple who retreat to a rural farm to get away from the big city life, apparently not realizing that in the movies, everyone who lives in a small town is some kind of deranged killer. So when their neighbors turn out to be psychopaths with a weird identity theft fetish, it comes as a surprise to them even if it won't come as much of a surprise to you.

Hayrides, apple picking and home invasions by shotgun wielding inbreds. As the new Apple Trailers clip for "In Their Skin" shows, there's just no time like of the year like autumn.

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