'The Croods' Trailer Is Anything But Crude

[caption id="attachment_150010" align="alignleft" width="220"] DreamWorks[/caption]

The first trailer for the latest star-studded animated DreamWorks epic has just arrived and we have to say, for something called "The Croods," the animation looks amazingly polished.

Then again, it's basically impossible to make Emma Stone look bad no matter how hard you try.

Set back before the dawn of humanity, "The Croods" tells the tale of a family of our prehistoric ancestors who literally step out into a brave new world as they begin their amazing journey towards, you know, becoming us.

But if that sounds a little too inspirational, don't worry: there's also plenty of good old fashioned fun to be had, courtesy of incredible animation, eye-popping colors and voice acting from not just Stone but also Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener and even Cloris Leachman.

"The Croods" is set to hit theaters on March 23. But if you think 150 million years has already been a long enough wait, then check out the new trailer right now, courtesy of Apple.

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