Halloween: How to Dress Like Your Favorite 'Hunger Games' Character

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Halloweenis just around the bend, and we have a sneaking suspicion that some of you tributes may want to take your costume fare to District 12 (or the Capitol — we don't judge) this year.

So to lend a helpful hand, we put together this handy Halloween how-to guide for dressing up like the central characters in "The Hunger Games."

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has a few signature looks, but the two most approachable do-it-yourself costume choices are her arena garb and her plainclothes from the Seam.

First thing's first. To become arena-style Katniss, you'll need her long brunette side braid. If you've already got lengthy brown tresses, step one is done (if not, you may want to look into wigging). To give home-styling her elaborate plait a go, here's a great video tutorial with some directions on how to achieve the exact design.

Luckily enough, Katniss' fight-wear is pretty simple. To frame the look, get some well-fitted cargo pants, a black v-neck t-shirt, brown leather boots and a sturdy waist belt. NECA sells a replica arena jacket to complete the ensemble, but really any black vinyl coat will do the trick. Add a Mockingjay Pin, a prop bow and arrow set and a few dabs of grime-colored makeup to your body and face, and you've got the look! (For those who are über-invested in solidifying the ensemble, there are replicas of Katniss' backpack and District 12 relief bag on the market as well. Just sayin'.)

To mimic Katniss' rugged Seam style, use the same hair-twisting instructions above, but for the clothes, pair a waist-length tan leather jacket with knee-high boots. Add a forest green button-up and a pair of (preferably pin-striped) fitted grey trousers, and voila! Note: Go for a less fancy, more homemade-looking bow and arrow set for this one. You could also go for the simple blue Reaping Day dress Katniss wore, which is available here and can be substituted with a plain, periwinkle knee-length frock and brown loafers.

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Peeta Mellark

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Guys, the good news is that Peeta has very simple attire for most of the movie. Like Katniss, he wears a black t-shirt, cargo pants and boots throughout the arena sequences. Flashback Peeta isn't complicated either. For that one, a simple white tee with khakis and a plain waist apron will do the trick. Maybe add a "Mellark Bakery" sticker for effect? (Switch out the top for a baby blue oxford shirt, and presto! There you have his Reaping Day wardrobe readied).

The character's most unique on-screen attire came during his Capitol stage interview with Caesar Flickerman. To achieve Josh Hutcherson's zany ensemble for that scene, one could simply highlight a satin black suit with red ribbon trimmings around the lapel and cut flame shapes into ruby felt (or purchase an iron-on patch) to add to the cuffs using some double-sided fabric tape. Pairing that with a black collarless button up shirt will complete the style.

Couples Costumes

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For couples who want to try the star-crossed lovers routine this season, there are a couple options. For one, NECA sells District 12 training shirt replicas (though they are a little pricey) in multiple sizes. Pair those with black gym pants and dark combat boots. For an added touch, the male tribute could lug around a handled silver medicine ball, but that might get a bit heavy after a while.

For duos daring to give the Capitol tribute parade scene wardrobe a shot, you may need to dust off that old sewing machine. It can be done, of course, but it'll take layering on some serious finesse. We suggest doing things the easy way by starting with a simple black leotard suit and then adding on layers of black plastic sheathing (or garbage cans... seriously) to fit your physique. The shinier the better. While Katniss' hair is totally complicated — small braids and pinning all over the place'll get it close enough; pair this with Ve Neill's makeup line-by-line — Peeta's just takes a little slicking product to achieve. Whatever you do, don't try to replicate Cinna's firesauce. That'll spell disaster for sure.

Gale Hawthorne

Liam Hemsworth's on-screen attire for Gale is the simplest of all to achieve. Cargo pants, a hunting vest, work boots and a thermal white or grey shirt should suffice. Don't forget to finish it off with a look of dejection.

Effie Trinket

Becoming Elizabeth Banks' wild-styled Effie Trinket (or any of the Capitol's citizens, really) is a much more involved task than the others. But it's totally doable; it just depends on how much savvy you're going to put into it. Take a look at this costumer's work recreating Effie's most infamous lavender brocade fabric frock, for instance, or this recreation of her Reaping threads. A couple of must-haves for any Effie costume include a wigtons of accessories (like outrageous booties, huge flower bows for the hair and wacky eyelashes) and lots of colors. The good thing about tackling this character is that you can play around with it and make it totally your own. Use this handy makeup tutorial to finalize the look.


Cinna the stylist is a minimalist compared to his Capitol brethren. Classic slacks, stiff collared long-sleeved shirts and dark vests will cover the clothes portion, and a few select necklaces and small hoop earrings (you can do clip-ons) in each ear will complete the requisite accessories. Just add a little gold eyeliner to the mix, and we bet you'll look great.

Caesar Flickerman

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If you want to go as the beaming face of the Capitol this Halloween, there are a couple of steps which'll be involved. First, there is no Caesar Flickerman without his blue hair. Now, you can either spray this on, tease up the top and tie back a tiny pony tail with a black ribbon or simply go with the wig. As for the suit, well unless you've got the resources to stitch one up from scratch, try hitting up your local thrift shop to find an inexpensive one to coat with some sapphire glitter paint. Throw on a shiny black tie and a smile, and the crowds will roar.

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