You'll Love 'The End of Love' Trailer

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Even if you're not familiar with Mark Webber ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World") or usually a fan of cutting edge indie cinema, we've got a brand new trailer for you that we think you really should take a look at.

It could be the beginning of your love affair with "The End of Love."

Written by, directed by and starring Webber, "The End of Love" is both a moving personal drama and an exciting bit of film experimentation. Webber plays a struggling actor whose life is upended when the mother of his two-year-old son dies unexpectedly, leaving him to raise the boy alone in the decadent and difficult world of Hollywood.

The twist: Webber's own real-life toddler plays his on-screen son, with most of the scenes being so unscripted the little tyke didn't even know they were filming a movie. Instead, Webber provided the other actors with character outlines that allowed them to improvise their performances around the unsuspecting child, creating a level of realism rarely captured on film

Courtesy of Cinema Blend, here's the trailer for "The End of Love," which wowed audiences at Sundance: