The 9 Best Animated Dogs in Movies

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Even animated dogs can clamp onto heartstrings with an iron-toothed grip. So we totally get why young Victor Frankenstein feels compelled to raise his wagging pal from the great beyond — consequences of wrecking havoc on the town be damned — in Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" arriving in theaters this Friday.

In fact, little stitched-up Sparky joins the pack of adorably-rendered pooches who've gotten us wishing we had our own little cartoon sidekick.

Here's a look at our nine other favorite animated barkers of all time.

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9. Santa's Little Helper, 'The Simpsons Movie'

Springfield's favorite scratching Greyhound — also knows as King Suds McDuff — has a complicated familial relationship with the Simpsons. The goofy, bug-eyed wanderer comes and goes as he pleases on the show and, for "The Simpsons Movie," Santa's Little Helper made a very memorable cameo as the dog who showed up after all the trouble subsided. Don't ask him how he survived, though. He did what he had to do.

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8. Bolt, 'Bolt'

Poor Bolt. The trusty canine star of a sci-fi television series has been duped into believing he's got real superpowers, so when his co-star Penny is seemingly abducted, Bolt springs into action to save her. Only, his superpowers aren't so super after all, and he's got to learn to hack it in the real-life. No problem; this frisky white German Shepherd rises to the occasion and single-handedly takes down the duplicitous TV show and makes a few new friends along the way.

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7. Scooby-Doo, 'Scooby-Doo'

Scooby-Doo may faithfully follow his pal Shaggy into the spooky unknown, but forget ghosts, goblins, vampires, mummies and whatever else goes bump in the night. What scares this tremulous Great Dane more than anything is a drought of Scooby snacks. As long as the supplies are supple, though, this dog is content to sniff out trouble with the rest of Mystery Inc.

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6. Gromit, 'Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'

Gromit, the smart companion to Wallace, may not say much (he has no mouth, after all) but he has a way with expressions and body language. The quirky, British pooch is known for his knitting and cooking skills and even has his degree from Dogwarts University. The clay Beagle also knows when to give his master the cold shoulder and lead the way. Good boy.

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5. Perdita, '101 Dalmatians'

Giving birth to 15 puppies is tough enough, but when Perdita the Dalmatian faces losing her brood to Cruella de Vil — who aims to make use of their spotted coats — she does what any mother would do to get her babies back. The blue-collared purebred and her Pongo even rescue and take in another few dozen pups to boot.

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4. Lady, 'Lady and the Tramp'

Has there ever been a prettier, more demure Cocker Spaniel than Lady? The turn-of-the-century dogutante keeps her nose up in the most dire of situations (the pound - ick!) and imparts a little graceful wisdom to even the doggiest dog, Tramp. This bashful babe earned her title and oh-so-regal collar through good nature and general sensibility.

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3. Charlie, 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'

Charlie might be a mix of collie, German Shepherd and ghost, but he gets a second chance at good deed-ing (and ultimately earning his way into Heaven) by nixing his money-grubbing ways to save a little orphan girl named Anne-Marie. The only way this singing pup knows is up.

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2. Slinky, 'Toy Story'

Woody's most faithful sidekick, a Dachshund with a slinky center, has a southern accent and a long body, and he's not afraid to use either to help his toy-box gang get around town. "Golly bob-howdy!" is the plastic pooch's favorite phrase, and he's often seen waddling around with his tail section dragging about five feet behind.

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1. Dug, 'Up'

Dug, the talking Golden Retriever who doesn't quite fit in with others of his kind, loves everyone he comes across and joins Carl and Russell on their balloon house adventures to the wilderness. Unlike other animated dogs with voices, Dug says what he really thinks thanks to his special collar. "Oh boy! Oh boy! A ball! I will go get it, and then bring it back!" You gotta admire his honesty and spirit.

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