The Top 50 Music Videos Featuring Movie Stars (30-21)

30. Kirsten Dunst in Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You"

In New York, the "subway glance" is an art form that takes years to master. Too blasé and the other person doesn't notice; too blunt and your picture ends up on The key is to go subtle until one of you is about to exit the train, then lock eyes like you're about to draw on Clint Eastwood in some old western. They're out of your life forever anyway; might as well make it count.


29. Courteney Cox in Counting Crows' "A Long December"

You can only have so much sexual tension with clean-cut, short-haired preppies like Matthew Perry before wanting to go the dreadlocked musician hippie route. Unfortunately, as both the video and real life shows, Cox and head Crow Adam Duritz didn't work out and Cox returned to her WASPy television life. At least you tried, Courteney. It was the dreads, wasn't it? Should've stuck with Springsteen.


28. Sarah Michelle Geller in Stone Temple Pilots' "Sour Girl"

So many questions on this one: Is Weiland double-jointed or does he only dance by undulating? Is that Owen Wilson hugging the fake Teletubbies? Was it in the "Buffy" contract that Sarah Michelle Geller had to go goth in every other role she played to subtly promote her vampire-slaying meal ticket? At what point do the terms "avant garde" and "postmodern" become synonyms for "nonsense"? This is like something you would see on a remake of "This is Spinal Tap."

27. Robert Downey Jr. in Elton John's "I Want Love"

Note to all you aspiring music video directors: It's not hard. Just get an empty, lavish house, one camera and Robert Downey Jr. and you're done. Stop overthinking it.

26. Juliette Lewis in HIM's "Buried Alive By Love"

We're not shy about our love for Juliette Lewis, who vacillates between scene-stealing actress, hedonistic rock star and overall weirdo (in a good way). So hanging out with a heavily tattooed Finnish rock band in an empty, ornate theater is probably a pretty normal day by her standards.

25. Bill Paxton and Judge Reinhold in Pat Benatar's "Shadows of the Night"

It's WWII pilots Judge Reinhold and Pat Benatar versus Nazi radio operator Bill Paxton in this 1982 video (though Paxton will always be Chet in "Weird Science" to us). Benatar always had that bad-ass streak in her, but bum-rushing Nazi headquarters and blowing the base up is on some next-level, "Where did you pull that one out of?" tip.

24. Evan Rachel Wood in Marylin Manson's "Heart-Shaped Glasses"

With wink-wink allegations of actual sex in the video, Marylin Manson goes from grave to cradle by featuring then-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. The couple have sex while being doused with blood, which is basically Manson's version of the missionary position. Not to be confused with Nelly's probable new single "Heart-Shaped Asses."

23. Jennifer Love Hewitt in LFO's "Girl on TV"

"The only problem is she's a movie star" says LFO about the "girl on TV." Doesn't lead roles in "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties" and "The Tuxedo," the latter called "silly beyond comprehension" by Roger Ebert, stretch the word "star" a bit thin, though?

22. Gary Oldman in Guns N' Roses "Since I Don't Have You"

How do you salvage a marginal covers album recorded for the sole purpose of fulfilling a contractual obligation? Put penciled-in eyebrows and white makeup on Gary Oldman and have him tie you up, roast you on a spit and throw your car -- with you in it -- into the ocean. This is actually one of Oldman's normal roles.

21. Charlize Theron in Brandon Flowers' "Crossfire"

Some guys have some weird, macho bullshit complex about being rescued out of a precarious situation by a girl. But when you're about to get into a fight and your girlfriend kicks the guy's ass, you better go ring shopping the next day. Here, ninjas do to Killers frontman Brandon Flowers what most people who hear his band's music dream of doing.

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