Anne Hathaway Ties the Knot

[caption id="attachment_138795" align="alignleft" width="220"]Anne Hathaway at "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere Getty Images[/caption]

Catwoman may be the greatest burglar in comics, but in the real world it's apparently Adam Shulman who holds that honor, because according to Celebuzz the former actor stole Anne Hathaway's heart on Saturday in a private wedding ceremony less than a year after the high profile couple got engaged.

The biggest movie and the biggest wedding of the year? All we can say is, congratulations, Anne!

Details of the ceremony are, of course, still scarce, as Hathaway utilized all the tricks of ultra-secrecy she learned from Christopher Nolan during the famously hush-hush filming of "The Dark Knight Rises" to try and throw the media off her track. For instance, guests reportedly weren't told where the wedding was taking place; instead, they were issued special i.d. bracelets that allowed them access to a private shuttle that then whisked them away to the unknown location somewhere along California's Big Sur.  We're not yet sure if blindfolds or spy satellites were involved.

Still, whatever the case, the ceremony apparently went off without a hitch other than the intended one.

"Adam was so excited," an eyewitness told Celebuzz. "He posed for photos with his mother who was wearing a navy blue gown with chiffon shoulders."

Hathaway and Shulman should have plenty more chances to celebrate, as her next film, "Les Miserables," opens Christmas day. Looks like this time, Anne dreamed a dream that came very, very true.