Video Q&A: Rosie Perez and Oscar Isaac School Us on 'Won't Back Down'

At its core, "Won't Back Down" is a story highlighting some of the problems in our education system today. Such issues weren't lost on its stars, especially Rosie Perez and Oscar Isaac.

"It gave me a lot of questions," Isaac tells NextMovie. "It did cause me to go back and be like, 'What's the whole story with charter schools?'"

Perez felt a deep emotional connection to the story, explaining, "I have absolute empathy for teachers who are in that situation."

Still, the adorable pair weren't all serious. When asked about his teaching style in the movie, Isaac confesses, "I'm pretty good with kids and animals. Playing music and the ukelele and stuff - that's a good way to get through. I still feel like I'm in fifth grade inside, so I think it was easy to relate.

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