Casting Roundup: Gyllenhaal, Swank and Whishaw Get the Gigs

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All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• Who would win in a fight — the Prince of Persia or Wolverine? Heat Vision reports that Jake Gyllenhall will butt heads with Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners," a thriller about a carpenter (Jackman) who takes the law into his own hands after his daughter and best friend are kidnapped. The "End of Watch" star will play the detective on the case who doesn't take to the amateur vigilante's methods.

• Might Q be joining Thor and Catwoman in Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse"? Variety reports that "Skyfall" actor Ben Whishaw has been approached for the role of an expert hacker named Lurker in the sci-fi action extravaganza that's set to hit theaters on April 25, 2014 (a rather non-Spielberg time of the year, no?).

• Tommy Lee Jones is hitting the long and winding trail — and he's bringing along some ladies for company. The Wrap reports that Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep are attached to "The Homesman," a period piece about a pioneer (Jones) and a frontier woman (Swank) who escort three insane women across the American prairie.

• "The Homesman" isn't the only new gig for Hilary Swank this week. Variety reports that the Oscar-winning actress has signed on for "You're Not You," a dark drama about a woman suffering from a fatal illness (Swank) and the aimless youngster who enters her life as her caretaker. George C. Wolfe ("Angels in America") has signed on to direct.

• For Rachel Lefevre, there is life after "Twilight" — and it's quite action-packed. The actress who played Victoria in the first two "Twilight" films (and was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard in the more Victoria-centric "Eclipse") will be playing the ex-wife of Channing Tatum in "White House Down" and a school psychologist opposite Jason Statham in "Homefront."

• Ben Kingsley is preparing to get Biblical. The "Hugo" star might be ascending to the throne of "Mary, Mother of Christ," which will revolve around Mary’s attempts to defy King Herod in order to save her son, Jesus. Kingsley would be playing Herod and joining Odeya Rush as Mary, Peter O’Toole as Symeon and Julia Ormond as Mary’s cousin Elizabeth.

• Asgard just got itself two more demi-gods. Deadline reports that Richard Brake and Clive Russell have joined the cast of "Thor: The Dark World," which is set for release on Nov. 8, 2013. Brake, who played Thomas and Martha Wayne murderer Joe Chill in "Batman Begins," will play a captain in the elite Einherjar, a group of warriors that fight alongside Thor, while Russell will play Tyr, Asgard’s god of war and Thor's older brother.

• Steve Carell and James Gandolfini, who will be making magic together next year in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," are preparing to dig up a period piece. Showbiz 411 reports that the duo are set to co-star in "The Bone Men," a comedic tale about two paleontologists in the late 1800s.

• Every movie could use a little more Professor Lupin! The Playlist brings word that "Harry Potter" alum David Thewlis has joined the madness that is Terry Gilliam's latest cinematic romp, "The Zero Theorem."

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