Melissa McCarthy Steals the 'Identity Thief' Trailer

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Pray that Melissa McCarthy never gets hold of your credit card info.

No one can do put-upon quite like Jason Bateman, and the "Arrested Development" star doesn't look to be getting a break any time soon as he reunites with his "Horrible Bosses" director Seth Gordon for "Identity Thief," a comedy that puts him up against a much more formidable foe than Kevin Spacey this time around: the Oscar-nominated "Bridesmaids" scene-stealer.

A case of a suddenly maxed-out credit line sends Bateman from Colorado to Florida to confront the crook who snatched his account, but what he thinks is going to be a simple task of getting the better of the relatively innocuous-looking woman ("Look at her, she's like a Hobbit!" he says at one point) turns into quite the epic battle involving McCarthy punching him in the throat (twice!) and at least one rental car getting smashed to smithereens by a semi.

"Identity Thief" doesn't exactly look like a comedy classic, but like "Horrible Bosses" before it, it should be good for some pretty consistent chuckles - and at least half a dozen truly hearty laughs. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies; the film opens Feb. 8, 2013.