Justin Timberlake Will Squeeze His Acting Juice to 'The Last Drop'

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Don't count on 'N Sync to follow The Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees into the '90s boy band reunion show fold. Former lead singer Justin Timberlake is sticking to his guns about becoming a serious actor.

According to Variety, the "Trouble With the Curve" star is now in talks to appear in an upcoming romantic comedy titled "The Last Drop," helmed by "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" director Peter Sollett.

Timberlake, who's kept his rom-com credentials to just "Friends with Benefits" opposite Mila Kunis so far, would portray 30-something Clay, a cavalier food critic with a drinking problem who realizes he'll have to put away the sauce if he wants to have a serious chance with a new lady love interest in the the flick.

The script, co-written by Brandon and Phil Murphy, was featured on the 2011 Black List and got meritorious praise for its sound structure and fresh angle.

Timberlake has had no trouble nabbing movie upon movie after getting his first real Hollywood start in 2006's "Alpha Dog." He's since starred in David Fincher's "The Social Network," Andrew Niccol's "In Time," Jake Kasdan's "Bad Teacher" and the upcoming Brad Fuhrman drama "Runner, Runner."

Looks like Justin Timberlake's taking up permanent residence in Tinseltown.

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