Cookie Monster Gobbles Up Goofs on 'Hunger Games' & 'Avengers'

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Only Cookie Monster could find the chocolate chip-flavored connection between Katniss Everdeen and Marvel's Incredible Hulk.

In the latest "Sesame Street" poetic parody on the cultural zeitgeist brought to us all by Entertainment Weekly, blue boys Cookie Monster and Grover tackle "The Hunger Games," "The Avengers," "Doctor Who," and "The Newsroom" with kooky quatrains such as this one from the big hungry monster himself:

Me the tribute from Sesame Street,

Hunting cookies cause they good to eat,

Is this terrible dystopia,

Making me weigh the cookiecopia.

Between the Edible Hulk, some sing-song reporting on a scandal between the letters Q and U, and one tongue-in-cheek remark on the BBC's special effects prowess, the duo hits all the right notes to activate our funny bone.

Cans open, cookies everywhere! Peeta Mellark would totally approve.

Head to EW to give the new viral video a look-see. Oh, did that rhyme with cookie? We didn't notice.