Tom Hardy in Early Talks to Climb 'Everest' with Doug Liman

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Tom Hardy sure has a knack for adventure. The versatile thesp, who's fresh off killer performances in both "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Lawless," is now in talks to take on (possibly) his biggest role yet—the lead in Doug Liman's next epic, "Everest." As reported by Deadline, if the deal goes through, Hardy will play George Mallory, the determined British climber who made not one, but three attempts to reach the summit of the world's tallest mountain back in the 1920s.

While the '20s were roaring stateside, WWI had left Great Britain pretty much decimated, and Mallory yearned to be the hero his country craved. He made his first two attempts without the help of oxygen (maybe he thought oxygen was for sissies?) but he had to turn back before reaching his goal. On the third trip, he softened a bit, and he and his climbing partner were using oxygen as they made their final push toward the top—too bad no one saw whether they actually got there. Talk about a bummer.

However, Mallory did take a photo of his wife with him, which he vowed to place atop the mountain, and when he and his companion were finally found in 1999, he didn't have the photo with him anymore. Something tells us Liman's going to milk that possibility for all it's worth, and, if Hardy's on-screen, we'll love every minute of it.