Cool Clicks: Snikt! First Look at 'The Wolverine'

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We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

Hugh Jackman is ripped and rarin' to unleash the berzerker rage for the fifth time. Hypable has the first look at the "X-Men" series veteran getting his Logan on again for "The Wolverine," coming to theaters on July 26, 2013.

VH1 CelebrityLet the casting speculation on "Divergent" begin! "American Horror Story" star Evan Peters has revealed to VH1 Celebrity that he's in possession of the script based on Veronica Roth's YA sci-fi novel — and hasn't read it yet.

We'd best start preparing for the onslaught of pictures featuring dirty, sad-looking movie stars that will be released between now and Christmas. A new poster for "Les Miserables" has been unveiled, and it should look familiar to anyone who even vaguely knows of the stage musical on which the film is based.

Heat VisionA reboot is probably a good idea, as we don't think even Brendan Fraser would return for another one at this point. Heat Vision reports that "Total Recall" director Len Wiseman is close to getting wrapped up in Universal's reimagining of "The Mummy," which hopes to bring the horror back to what became an action adventure franchise.

"Manhood. It's the only badge that matters." Take a hike toward the trailer for "Nature Calls," a comedy from the Great Outdoors starring Patton Oswalt as a scoutmaster whose troop ditches a meeting in favor of a slumber party hosted by his brother, polor opposite and arch-nemesis (Johnny Knoxville).

Hampton International Film FestivalHitting up the Hamptons Film Festival? If so, here's something to make sure is on your radar. "Romeo Romeo" is a feature documentary that paints an intimate portrait of a modern marriage as it follows a young lesbian couple on their complicated, heartrending quest to have a baby.