You're Held Accountable For Watching Our 'Excision' Clip

Ah, how we wish our trips to the principal's office had been handled with such suave defiance!

"90210" star AnnaLynne McCord stands her ground against Ray Wise (and leaves without so much as a detention) in this exclusive clip from "Excision," a harrowing coming-of-age horror film that Sundance Channel called, "Without question the most mind-blowingly grotesque film to screen at this year’s fest."

"Excision" follows a high school student (McCord) whose desire to win the approval of her strict mother (Traci Lords!) and cure her sister's cystic fibrosis leads to a compulsive, deranged and eventually perhaps even demonic fascination with surgery, flesh and blood. Her state of mind certainly isn't helped by the fact that her school principal is played by Laura Palmer's father from "Twin Peaks."

No one can do creepy quite like Wise, but McCord manages to upstage him in that department — an impressive task that would make even Sheryl Lee herself proud. Though Wise gets the last laugh with that final shrug to the photo of George W. Bush on his wall.

Report to the clip above, and check out "Excision" on Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 16, courtesy of Anchor Bay Films.