Elizabeth Banks' 7 Most Effie-Like Roles

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"The Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks has a very Effie Trinket-esque — only, add a sense of humor — role in the upcoming sing-off flick "Pitch Perfect." For the "Clueless" meets "Glee" meets "Bring It On" movie, Banks serves as a producer and an actress, which means fans will get to see her work her magic with hilarious one-liners starting this Friday.

When it comes to these types of zany roles, Banks is on point at every turn, so, to celebrate her latest we decided to hash out some of her quirkiest, most Effie-like portrayals to-date.

Miri - 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'

In the raunchy 2008 comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," Banks portrayed one half of a down-and-out-besties-since-high-school duo who come up with the bright idea to make porn to pay the rent after being dissed at their 10-year reunion. Opposite Seth Rogen, Banks' character dishes quick wit and vulgarity that'd make even Haymitch Abernathy blush. Between becoming a YouTube sensation called Granny Panties and using toilet water to wash her hair when the water gets cut off at her apartment, Banks' Miri is one hysterically Rated R lady. While Effie probably wouldn't care too much for Miri's manners (or paycheck), the girl's ability to keep her cool under even the most trying circumstances is resemblant of her Capitol composure.

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Laura Bush - 'W.'

You may know Laura Bush to be a demure and doe-eyed former First Lady, but when Banks portrayed her in Oliver Stone's "W," she was a free-wheeling liberal sorority sweetheart who fell for a wild cowboy with political aspirations (portrayed by Josh Brolin). Over the course of her husband's rise to the White House, of course, she graduates into the mum debutante history knows the real-life woman to be, but Banks certainly imbued some unexpected personality traits into the young Laura Bush which made her quite a unique presence on-screen. Effie would totally approve of the girl's posture, penchant for stylish jewelry and supportive participation in the political arena, so this probably had some considerable influence on her "Hunger Games" persona.

Beth - 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'

Banks made a real name for herself in the comedy world when she took on the short but scenestealing role of a sexy bookstore babe and college co-ed Beth in 2005's "The 40 Year Old Virgin." Not only was she willing to go there (bathtub scene, anyone?), bare it all and be that girl, but she also introduced the world to that signature chuckle we've all come to know and love about her. As with most of her memorable roles, her daring commitment to the ridiculousness kept all eyes on her whenever she graced the screen for this one. As with Effie, she was in a league all her own and liked it that way.

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Miranda - 'Our Idiot Brother'

Ditching her usual blonde locks and pliant humor for last year's dramady "Our Idiot Brother," Banks portrayed an oh-so-serious bossy girl who's down on her luck with the men folk. The career-oriented Miranda was a serious departure from the usual come-what-may characters Banks is known for, but she was also equally wayward and damaged. Her sharp tongue and drive for success gave the girl much trouble and the audience many laughs, especially when calling out her siblings (Zooey Deschanel, Paul Rudd and Emily Mortimer) for their unfortunate flaws. Still, there's something of Effie to be had in that wig and snazzy waist belt.

Betty - 'Spiderman 2'

Anyone brave enough to work under the Daily Bugle's obnoxious editor-in-chief J. Jameson (J.K. Simmons) had better have some thick skin, and indeed Banks did as Betty Brant, the bob-haired beauty with a crush on Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Not only could she muscle through his constant "Not nows!" but she was also handy in checking him back with her trusty buzzer and told-ya-so smile. Something tells us this prepared her a bit for dealing with the likes of Haymitch.

Avery and Kim - TV's '30 Rock' and 'Scrubs'

Two of Banks' most prolific TV roles deserve some mention on this list as well. For NBC's "30 Rock," she guest stars opposite Alec Baldwin as the ironically conservative and yet unabashedly tough Avery Jessup, an off-color role which she totally absorbs. She also frequented the hospital comedy show "Scrubs" as Dr. Kim Briggs, a love interest of Zach Braff's J.D. who wasn't afraid to let her guy motorboat her using a webcam and a big screen TV. Both characters resemble the sturdiness and unabashed absurdity we all know and love about Effie.

Gail - 'Pitch Perfect'

Like Effie Trinket, Gail Abanathy-McCadden likes everything to be big — personalities, hair, clothes and amounts of accessories. Also, she isn't afraid to carry the spotlight with her kooky expressions and mannerisms. Sure, she might smile a lot more than her "Hunger Games" counterpart, but both of the gals like to be the one welcoming in contestants.

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