Adele Is Officially Bond's 'Skyfall' Songstress

[caption id="attachment_147872" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Adele[/caption]

For half a century, the James Bond franchise has been a pop culture centerpiece, with actors, models and musicians all getting their big breaks along the way. But as big as Bond is, some stars are even bigger, which is why this latest news is so exciting: Adele is going to be performing the theme song for "Skyfall."

Sorry, 007, but this time around, it looks like you'll have to settle for second billing.

Of course, Adele's contribution to the "Skyfall" soundtrack has been one of Hollywood's worst kept secrets for months, with rumors swirling since May that the award-winning and chart-smashing singer-songwriter would lend her talents to Daniel Craig's latest high octane spy adventure.

Considering it's been more than a year and a half since Adele release her zeitgeist-defining album "21," though, Showbiz 411's confirmation of Adele's participation is still major news, especially since Adele is also scheduled to be having a baby right around the time the movie comes out on Nov. 9. But apparently a little thing like pregnancy can't keep Adele from recording the theme, which, like the movie itself, is going to be called "Skyfall."

You go, girl!

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